Civil Rights/Racial Justice

Economic inequality remains one of the most persistent and harmful consequences of discrimination and white supremacy.  Our collective failure to provide a social safety net has robbed low-income people—disproportionately people of color and people with disabilities—of the most basic opportunity to survive and thrive.  Employment discrimination relegates people of color disproportionately to low-wage jobs that provide neither a living wage, health benefits or a safe work environment. Predatory lending and limited access to fair credit limits opportunities for advancement by making it difficult for people of color to obtain loans for acquiring housing and creating wealth. Targeted and discriminatory law enforcement and unfair assessment and collection of civil fines and fees perpetuates debt, criminalizes poverty and deprives individuals and communities of public safety.

Using litigation, public education, legislative reform and support of grassroots organizing, NCLEJ aims to end policies and practices that perpetuate inequality and to make real the dream of opportunity that has been denied to too many for far too long.

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