NCLEJ Denounces Trump’s Separation of Families at the Border. Read our statement and suggestions to fight back

As we went to bed last night, the media reported that in the United States of America, we now have “tender-age centers” to house babies and toddlers wrested away from their mothers who are fleeing life-threatening and deplorable conditions in their own land. We are beyond appalled.

It goes without saying that NCLEJ condemns the Trump administration’s outrageous and inhumane zero-tolerance immigration policy of separating children from their parents at the border. Since May, more than 2000 children have been separated from their parents.

Heart wrenching footage of families detained behind chain-link cage fencing and recordings of children crying inside detention centers speak volumes to the immediate and long-term trauma inflicted on these children. Images of siblings clutching each other wondering if they will ever see their parents again are a national disgrace. Many of these families have taken the risk to flee to the U.S. to seek asylum because they have no other choice. Instead of treating these families humanely, Trump says these people could be “murderers” and “thieves,” treats them as dangerous criminals, and locks their children in makeshift camps or sends them to foster care.

Earlier this year, Attorney General Jeff Sessions declared that the U.S. would take a harsher stance on border crossings which would result in parents and children being torn apart. President Trump and his administration are unconscionably using children as political pawns. 

This despicable policy is part of the Trump’s administration ongoing agenda to marginalize minority communities for their gain. Immigrants are the backbone of America. We must fight back against the Trump administration’s inhuman and abhorrent policies that separate families at the border. We must demand better. Join us and take action:

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