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Joining with Low-Income People to Fight for Fairness

NCLEJ works with low-income families, individuals, communities, and a wide range of organizations to advance the cause of economic justice through ground-breaking, successful litigation, policy work, and support of grassroots organizing around the country. We have provided legal representation, support, and advice to people living in poverty and their advocates since 1965.

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In our efforts to make economic justice a reality, NCLEJ focuses on a number of issues critical to the fight for fairness:


NCLEJ Joins Buffalo Community in Call for Police Accountability and Upholding the Repeal of 50-A

NCLEJ, in partnership with the Center for Constitutional Rights, and the law firm of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP, filed an amicus brief in a lawsuit brought by the Buffalo, New York police and firefighter unions that seeks…

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NCLEJ protects SSP for disabled and elderly in New York State

NCLEJ submitted comments in opposition to proposed regulatory changes in the New York State Supplement Program (“SSP”). SSP provides a modest additional payment to recipients of federal Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”), for indigent people who are elderly or…

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In memoriam, John DeWitt Gregory

On July 27th, 2020, the National Center for Law and Economic (NCLEJ) lost one of its staunchest and most committed supporters with the death of its long-time Board member John Dewitt Gregory. That loss was shared by the…

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