Pregnancy Discrimination Complaint Filed with the New York City Commission on Human Rights

On May 23, 2016, NCLEJ filed a pregnancy discrimination complaint with the New York City Commission on Human Rights on behalf of a Ms. P., a pregnant mother. Ms. P. worked on the cleaning staff of a midtown office building until her employer found out that she was pregnant. The employer then began a campaign of harassment, including changing Ms. P’s hours, depriving her of cleaning supplies, and denying her safety equipment. NCLEJ is seeking reinstatement and back wages for Ms. P.

This complaint marks the launch of a new initiative for NCLEJ, working to ensure the aggressive implementation of recently enacted New York State and New York City laws that provide greater protection for women from pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. Pregnancy discrimination is rampant in low-wage industries, and it particularly impacts women who are immigrants and women of color. NCLEJ continues to expand its work on behalf of low-income workers to secure a living wage, fight for a safe work environment, and challenge discrimination in the workplace.