NCLEJ Condemns the Trump Administration’s Sabotage of the United States Postal Service

The United States Postal Service has long faced underfunding in spite of the essential service they provide to every single corner of our country.  Concerns about the funding crisis have reached a fever pitch this summer, since a well-functioning postal service is essential to a free, fair, and safe election in the midst of a pandemic.

In recent weeks, the Trump administration has gone even farther.  The United States Postal Service no longer faces just a funding crisis—it reportedly faces active sabotage via Trump-appointed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.  The news media is filled with disturbing reports of removed drop off boxes, intentionally delayed processing, shortened operating and delivery hours, and the removal of equipment essential to the efficient delivery of the mail.

NCLEJ condemns this sabotage in the strongest possible terms.  Our nation’s most vulnerable communities depend upon the Postal Service to survive.

Public benefits programs, which are of heightened importance as families across the country struggle to survive after the end of Pandemic Unemployment, cannot function without the Postal Service.  Many households are only able to apply for programs such as SNAP and Medicaid via paper applications—and since they cannot currently safely go to a social services office, these households must submit their applications by mail.  Benefits cards are sent by state agencies to households via the mail.  If the mail is not picked up and delivered reliably and efficiently, low income households across the country will not be able to obtain food or healthcare.

People with disabilities depend on the Postal Service to receive essential medications.  Without reliable and efficient mail delivery, they will face interruptions in treatment.  It is especially important that people with disabilities are able to receive medication by mail right now, as we live through a pandemic that puts those with pre-existing conditions at extreme risk.

Many low wage workers are employed by small businesses, which depend on the Postal Service’s reasonable rates and reliable deliveries to survive—especially in a time when doing business in-person is hazardous to customers’ and employees’ health.

The Postal Service is some of this country’s most essential infrastructure.  We cannot function without it, and the Trump administration’s politically motivated attacks on it cannot stand.

Contact your Senators and Congressional Representative, and join our partners at the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights in a National Day of Action.