NCLEJ Argues for Fair Wages for Home Health Aides in State Court

Last week, NCLEJ continued to fight for fair pay for home health aides in New York. On August 29, Senior Attorney Travis England argued in New York Supreme Court against recent Department of Labor emergency rules allowing employers to pay home health aides for only 13 hours when they perform 24 hours of work. Home health aides are largely women of color and immigrants—meaning that the emergency rules only serve to perpetuate and entrench existing inequality based on gender, race, and immigration status

Travis, along with Staff Attorney Katie Deabler and intern Karina Tefft, also attended a rally with our clients, National Mobilization Against Sweatshops and Chinese Staff and Workers Association, prior to the hearing. Dozens of home health aides impacted by the rule attended the rally and the hearing.

The case is pending in New York Supreme Court, and was filed with our co-counsel, Virginia & Ambinder.