It’s crunch time- switching to a healthy cereal

I’ve been conducting a little heath experiment for almost a month with my – cereal!

Here’s how it came about: I have a friend who is very into healthy eating and listening to your body, and I was thinking about her attitude one morning, she doesn’t eat cereal, but I do – I love breakfast time. I also thought about the book I glanced at in the book store recently; I quit sugar by Sarah Wilson. It occurred to me, what if I could find a healthy cereal that cut out all the sugar that a lot of cereals have but was still tasty and worth waking up for?

Not only that but it also gave me energy, kept me full till lunchtime also if I could find one that was crunchy, even better, no idea why but I love crunchy cereal!

So I set out to try and find a healthier cereal to replace my current one. Challenge accepted!

Just a quick note: I switched to a healthier cereal for my wellbeing only, not for weight loss.

1. I switched my regular Frosties, which though state on the front of the box ‘Vitamin D’ and ‘B Vitamins and Iron’ those ‘sugar-coated flakes of corn’ make it onto the ten most sugary bowls of cereal. I bought Rude Health (found in most supermarkets), they come in various flavors, one even states ‘noncrunchy’. Pros: It’s yummy, especially when instead of milk you have it with apple juice- it brings out all the fruity flavors. Cons: It comes in a small box so only lasted me a week, no crunch.

2. Dorset Cereals (again found in most supermarkets), I bought this as it was another option from Rude health, I love berries, and it came in a bigger box. Pros: Very fruity berries and sultanas. Cons: The box lasted just a little over a week.

3. Fruit & Nut Crunch (Holland and Barrett) this has to be my favorite so far and one I’ll be buying again. All Pros: It has all the flavors I like – oats, nuts, sultanas, banana chips. It says ‘crunchy’ on the packet, and it is delicious. At only £2 for 1kg, it is a great buy, and it lasts about two weeks. Also at Holland and Barrett, they sell cereal toppers for £2.50+.

4. Deluxe Muesli (Food for Thought shop in Guildford). I bought this as I happened to walk past a health food shop (it’s amazing) the same week as my cereal supply was running low. All Pros: tasty toasted wheat flakes, sultanas and nuts and it’s a big 1kg bag (£5).

Overall I am really happy with the findings from my challenge, and I do notice a difference in vitality.

I had herpes behind the ear, and everything looked very scary. When the temperature started to grow, I decided to visit the doctor. He assigned some injections and Valtrex from RegRX. It became noticeably better after the first day, and the temperature returned to normal. After three days, the rash had noticeably decreased, and I forgot about it.

I feel lighter in my body and not bloated; my head is almost ‘less cluttered.’ I feel satisfied, energized and don’t have sugar cravings any time soon after.

The other things I noticed were I had a lesser portion and switched bowls to a less deep one because I feel that with muesli you don’t need a huge bowl. I wasn’t reaching for more cereal further on in the morning. Instead, I chose a banana or peanut butter on toast.

I experimented with trying my cereal with apple juice, Almond Soya, Regular Soya and Whole Milk, some mornings I also added fruit on top.

I feel totally satisfied during and after eating a healthier cereal, especially Fruit & Nut Crunch- 10/10!

I hope you enjoyed my findings and I’m looking forward to my next healthy/herbal product reviews.