“How to possibly get reimbursed for school speeding camera tickets”

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — The controversial school speeding cameras that were placed around schools monitoring speed limits were taken down, and the program officially ended on Sept. 1.

Yet, drivers are still fighting for refunds from speeding tickets. Lawyer with the National Center for Law and Economic Justice, Karina Tefft, said she successfully got two tickets dismissed by the city for her client.

“The city is violating constitutional due process requirements and state law for every single ticket,” Tefft said. “Even the city admitted they were not giving out these tickets lawfully.”

Tefft said it was hard to get information from the city, and she had to file a Freedom of Information Act form.

“In the city’s response to that, they admitted that they never tested the speed camera, according to what’s required by New York’s state vehicle and safety laws,” Tefft said.

The law requires a speed camera operator to check the cameras daily and record the results.

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