Halt Debt Collection During the Covid-19 Crisis

NCLEJ joined New Economy Project and partners to submit a petition to Gov. Cuomo calling for an immediate moratorium on debt collection during the Covid-19 crisis, as a matter of public health and safety. Read more and sign the petition here: Action Network Petition

Read more about the petition, with a quote from NCLEJ Litigation and Advocacy Director Claudia Wilner,  here: Read more about petition

The country’s glaring economic inequalities have been magnified by the impact of Covid19. Those who have long lived on the edge of economic crisis face being pushed over the edge by the Covid19 crisis and the failure to take adequate steps to protect those made vulnerable by economic insecurity and lack of access to adequate healthcare. The impact of the novel coronavirus is a threat to all but particularly endangers communities of color, people with disabilities, low-wage workers who are denied the luxury of working remotely from home, immigrants and families requiring the protection of government benefits providing food, housing and education. NCLEJ has long been involved in advocacy for the most economically vulnerable and will heighten its efforts to protect those who are most threatened in this time of greatest need.

The fight to protect the people who are most vulnerable from all of the impacts of Covid19, including health and economic threats, is an ongoing one and that will occur in the courts as well as in national, state and local forums. Join us in this struggle by signing the petition. Best wishes to each of you for health and your safety.