Greg Bass Article on Landmark Rafferty Settlement Protecting Medicaid and SNAP Access for People with Vision Impairments

NCLEJ Greg Bass has published an article on the successful Rafferty v. Doar federal class action litigation which secured the rights of SNAP and Medicaid clients with vision impairments under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to receive applications and other forms in alternate formats (e.g. large print, electronic data format, audio format, and Braille) from the City and State of New York public benefits agencies. Read the article, which was published by the Shriver Center’s Clearinghouse Community, here: Litigating the Right of Clients with Visual Impairments to Access Public Benefits Documents in Alternate Formats.

NCLEJ is available to work with advocates to address this and other ADA access issues for low-income persons with disabilities. Contact Greg Bass at