Giving Tuesday Now

On this Giving Tuesday Now, please include the National Center for Law and Economic Justice in your giving plans.

Our work has never been more important than it is now in the time of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

For fifty-five years, the National Center for Law and Economic Justice has fought on behalf of the economically vulnerable:

In short, NCLEJ has been in the forefront of the battle for economic justice.

The struggles of the people whom we serve have never been easy but have become unbearable in the face of COVID-19. In employment, access to government benefit programs, access to healthcare and accommodations for people with disabilities, the lives of more and more people have become increasingly difficult during the pandemic. Increasingly, the government has been ineffective or even hostile to the interests of the economically disadvantaged.

Your assistance is critical to enable NCLEJ to continue its fight for fairness and equal opportunity. Thank you for any support you can give.

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