Exciting Outcome of Sheff v. O’Neill

 Sheff is a school desegregation case against the State of Connecticut that addresses the extreme racial and economic isolation and limited resources that many students in Hartford experienced, compared to the surrounding suburbs which include some of the richest school districts in the country. 

NCLEJ’s Dennis Parker joined the Sheff litigation team in 1992. This video highlights why this case is so important. You can read the official statement by the Legal Defense Fund.

“Last week, we entered a permanent injunction that will provide thousands of students from the majority Black and Brown Hartford schools to attend high quality, integrated magnet and suburban schools to the benefit of all students in the Hartford metropolitan area. This case underscores the long fight for racial and economic justice that is core to NCLEJ’s mission. This is an exciting outcome after three decades and the highlight of my career,” shared Dennis Parker, Executive Director.