Count Every Vote

The National Center for Law and Economic Justice commends election officials across the country counting every single ballot to determine the results of the 2020 Presidential Election. Only a full vote count will reflect the will of the majority of American voters.

The stability of our constitutional democracy rests on abiding principles espoused in our laws: Every vote cast must be counted. Once every ballot, whether cast in person or by mail, has been counted, only then can our shared vision for America be known and the outcome of this election decided. To attempt to determine the outcome before every vote is counted would be not only premature, but a gross violation of the rights of voters across the country.

NCLEJ urges calm and rational decision-making consistent with the established principles of law and the patience to see the true election results uncovered. Ours is a system of laws, larger than this election and the candidates who seek office. Rather than rushing to allege an unconfirmed victory, our democracy depends on honoring our laws and systems to reflect the will of the people and ensure peaceful transition.