Center Secures Comprehensive Policy Reforms in Virginia and New Jersey

We provided extensive consultation and advice to the New Jersey Department of Human Services that resulted in a comprehensive ADA policy for the state’s welfare programs issued in 2005. We then trained 350 local agency staff on the policy. We worked on this matter with Legal Services of New Jersey and the Community Health Law Project.

The Virginia Department of Social Services sought us out for our expertise and fully involved us in the development of an ADA policy for its welfare programs. Our contributions resulted in a strong new policy issued in late 2004 that will make it easier to those with disabilities to get and keep benefits. We worked with Virginia Poverty Law Center and the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities.

The changes made in Virginia’s TANF program to comply with the ADA are the most significant improvements to the program since welfare reform was implemented ten years ago. They would not have been possible without help and support from the Center.

– Steven L. Myers, Executive Director, Virginia Poverty Law Center