Opportunities for Law Firm Externs

The National Center for Law and Economic Justice advances the cause of economic justice for low-income families, individuals, and communities.  NCLEJ has provided legal representation and advice to low-income individuals and grassroots organizations and legal support for their advocates on matters involving public benefits (such as food stamps, Medicaid, and cash assistance) since 1965.

NCLEJ is a national leader in using class action litigation to protect the legal rights of low-income families and individuals to public benefits and to hold governmental agencies accountable for their administration of these vital programs. We litigate in federal and state courts across the country and partner with other public interest groups and the private bar. Recent litigation has involved state or local agencies in upstate and downstate New York, Colorado, California, Missouri, New Hampshire, and Tennessee, as well as FEMA (for failing to meet the needs of persons with disabilities in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina). We also use our expertise to identify and promote the adoption and proper implementation of creative and effective policies to improve public benefit delivery to low-income families and individuals.

NCLEJ offers associates the opportunity to participate in various aspects of complex federal and state court litigation in New York and around the country, ranging from case planning, to pleading and motion drafting, to discovery, to (upon occasion) trial. While each case is different, recent law firm externs have been active participants in major class actions, including conducting depositions, the production of discovery questions, the briefing of substantive motions, and interactions with clients. Someone who has been involved in one or more major matters might wish to continue working on the matter upon return to the firm. While we can never be sure in advance just what stages matters will be proceeding at, there will be a number of cases in varying stages of preparation or litigation in which the associate will be involved.

Applicants should provide a cover letter describing their interests, and a resume. Further material may be requested as consideration proceeds. For more information, contact Director of Litigation and Advocacy Claudia Wilner at wilner@nclej.org.