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Joining with Low-Income People to Fight for Fairness

NCLEJ works with low-income families, individuals, communities, and a wide range of organizations to advance the cause of economic justice through ground-breaking, successful litigation, policy work, and support of grassroots organizing around the country. We have provided legal representation, support, and advice to people living in poverty and their advocates since 1965.

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In our efforts to make economic justice a reality, NCLEJ focuses on a number of issues critical to the fight for fairness:


Pregnancy Discrimination Complaint Filed with the New York City Human Rights Administration

On May 23, 2016, NCLEJ filed a pregnancy discrimination complaint with the New York City Human Rights Administration on behalf of a Ms. P., a pregnant mother. Ms. P. worked on the cleaning staff of a midtown office building…

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NCLEJ is Seeking Candidates to Sponsor for Fellowships in 2017

NCLEJ is seeking to sponsor 2017 law school graduates and recent law school graduates for economic justice project fellowships starting in 2017. We are looking for energetic, motivated candidates with a record of commitment to social justice work,…

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NCLEJ Nominates Board Member Steve Edwards for Pro Bono Award

NCLEJ is pleased to nominate Board member Steve Edwards for the 2016 Federal Bar Council Thurgood Marshall Pro Bono Award. Mr. Edwards has demonstrated a tireless commitment to pro bono work, particularly in NCLEJ’s class action lawsuit Baez…

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