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Joining with Low-Income People to Fight for Fairness

NCLEJ works with low-income families, individuals, communities, and a wide range of organizations to advance the cause of economic justice through ground-breaking, successful litigation, policy work, and support of grassroots organizing around the country. We have provided legal representation, support, and advice to people living in poverty and their advocates since 1965.

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In our efforts to make economic justice a reality, NCLEJ focuses on a number of issues critical to the fight for fairness:


Inadequate Government Response to Hurricanes Laura and Zeta

In Louisiana, 47,000 homes were damaged by Hurricane Laura alone, 16,000 of which need major repairs. Tens of thousands are still suffering and some families have been forced to move five or more times as a result of…

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MLK defended economic justice

Photo credit: Marion S. Trikosko, 26 March 1964, Wikimedia Commons Today is Martin Luther King Day, a day to celebrate civil rights activists who paved the way for racial justice. It’s also a day to reflect deeply and…

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Democracy’s Fragile Balance

By Karina Tefft, Staff Attorney Yesterday, a mob of pro-Trump rioters descended upon Capitol Hill aiming to disrupt the counting of electoral votes that would finally confirm the election of Joe Biden as our next President. Stoked by…

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Poverty In The United States