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Best place to buy ED Pills in New York

Online pharmacies are very popular because they allow you to choose the required ED drug at a reasonable cost, without leaving your home, and without wasting time searching. Pharmacies that are listed below have earned a huge number of positive reviews from the customers. They offer a wide selection of erectile dysfunction medicines that allow each customer to make the best choice without questioning the quality of the product.

Hudson Square Pharmacy (CSAT: 4.0)

This is one of the best pharmacies that I have ever been to in Weatherford. They are extremely fast and extremely nice, and their prices are amazing. Thank you, Best value pharmacy, for making getting my meds hassle-free.

Visiting from out of town; specifically asked about getting something compounded for a daughter; staff said it could be done. Go to pick up the prescription & nothing was compounded. Also, I called the pharmacy to see if I bought what was needed to compound the prescription if they would do it-they said yes, but wouldn’t extend a break on the cost since I already paid for the individual prescription. Extremely frustrating experience & I wouldn’t recommend  Hudson Square Pharmacy to anyone; I figured a small personal pharmacy would be an awesome experience. I will continue to use a larger chain pharmacy for further needs.

90th Street Pharmacy (CSAT: 4.5)

Staff friendly, knowledgeable. They not only fill prescriptions quickly and accurately, they have helped by giving advice when asked in the areas of their expertise. They give very personalized service. It is a long-time family-owned business. I would highly recommend them.

90th Street Pharmacy is a new place, and the staff is completely rude. Wal-Mart doesn’t treat customers this badly. If you get a message saying there is a delay due to insurance and to call them, don’t. That’s what happened to me. I called lime; the text told me to, and the woman at the pharmacy was the worse. She talked to me like I was stupid. This place needs new staff. I will be contacting corporate and letting them know about the disrespectful attitude we received at this location. If you call as the text tells you, they do not have a problem letting you know they don’t want to answer any questions. I was hung up on twice, and they made my husband, and I feel like we were a bother to have this location fill our meds. I will switch back to Wal-Mart until this location gets trained in customer service. If the staff don’t want to do their jobs or want to act like customers, bother then find new ones.

New York Chemists (CSAT: 5.0)

If you are looking for a down-home family pharmacy, then this place is where you need to go. They offer a rewards program and actually gives you rewards in coupons for $5.00 in-store shopping. Of course, you have to spend so much, but after a certain amount, you get those $5.00 rewards. I have gotten 2 of the $5.00 coupons this year, and it’s only June… I dearly love this pharmacy and enjoy all those smiling faces each time I have to visit… I really enjoy the automated phone calls when it’s time to refill my medication. Thanks, for all you do for my family and me… No complaint’s here!

Amazingly fast, well mannered, quick and kindly service, THANK YOU. Being a long term pain management patient with a spinal injury, I can not explain the hassles I have had getting my medications. THIS  New York Chemists has more than made sure, and I have had no difficulties getting my medications. WHAT A GREAT TEAM, I AM PROUD TO SAY I USE THEIR PHARMACY AND THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO HELP ME EVERY MONTH.

ViaQX Pharmacy (CSAT: 4.3)

I absolutely love our ViaQX Pharmacy. Everyone is so great and accommodating. Willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get what you need when you need it. I have moved, but they work with me to make sure I am taken care of. I just can’t say enough good things about Viaqx!!

Great pharmacy, they have worked really hard at finding me the best price for generic Viagra. My only complaint is that I have not gotten the proper number of pills dispensed on multiple occasions. It seems like the students may need more oversight.